10 At-Home Exercises With Knee/Joint Problems


If you’ve recently had bariatric surgery, then you probably know that your longevity at some point in your life was at risk and developing chronic diseases like diabetes, was possible. However, what is more, necessary to understand, is that the aftercare is as important as the surgery itself, the healthy habits you need to develop post-op will have a significant impact on your life and overall health.

Bariatric surgeries will never be a shortterm solution; the success or failure along your journey is entirely dependent on you, creating real and lasting changes.

The excitement about your body transformation after surgery can make you rush into the gym, overexerting yourself. Daily activity and exercise need to become second-nature so that it can be a habit in your new post-op lifestyle. But, to make the habit stick and not end up like New Year’s resolutions that crash even before February rolls, you need to ease your way into working out. As the saying goes, it’s quality over quantity, returning to exercise from a sedentary lifestyle must be gradual to prevent accidents resulting from getting too hard on your muscles.

Exercising with arthritis or other joint and knee problems is not easy and can be daunting, but what makes it worse, is the myths that make people think that by avoiding exercise, they’re avoiding stress and pain. Finding the right form of exercise is indeed difficult for people who’ve never trained before and especially with bad knees and joints; some activities can be painful and even harmful, but not exercising at all will worsen your condition.

Workouts specific to your health condition will not only help support your knees and joints but also prevent them from aching. Focusing on safe, low impact exercises will help you accomplish your fitness goals and prevent potential injuries.

Do not drag yourself to the gym or spend fortunes on personal trainers and classes, our workouts are not only convenient and useful, but also, you can perform them anywhere, and a massive result is guaranteed.

You already realized that something needed to change and made the decision to undergo surgery, so invest in your future and start your weight loss exercising as soon as possible.