Protein Pretzels: WonderSlim High Protein Pretzel Snacks

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- PROTEIN PRETZELS: Tackle snack cravings on the move or at home with these healthy, protein packed, super crunchy pretzels.

- SMOOTH BUTTERY TASTE: Perfect texture and savory butter flavor, WonderSlim protein pretzels are delicious on their own or with any low fat dip.

- GRAB-N-GO BAGS: At only 120 calories per serving, WonderSlim high protein pretzels are a convenient snack to supplement any weight loss program.

- EASY DIETING WITH WONDERSLIM: Create your own diet regime with our delicious range of shakes, breakfasts, entrees, supplements, soups and more.

WonderSlim Protein Pretzel Snacks are nutritionally designed to help you lose pounds and inches without losing out on essential nutrition. At only 120 calories, low carb with 7g net carbs*, packed with 12 grams of protein and a good source of fiber, these delicious little protein pretzels are portion-controlled for weight loss and weight management. This high protein pretzel snack is made to meet exacting standards of taste, purity and efficacy to achieve weight loss results. Use them as prescribed in the WonderSlim Diet Plan, or incorporate them into your reduced calorie daily diet.

* g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols